Be a Wicked Friend

Introducing our new initiative, 'Be a Wicked Friend'.

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Be a Wicked Friend poster

Designed for Key Stage 2 learners, the Wicked Friend resources support the PSHE curriculum by exploring topics of good friendships, kindness and overcoming moments of conflict, through the story and characters of Wicked.

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Digital Classroom Resources: Be a Wicked Friend

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Be a Wicked Friend Feeling poster

What is this feeling?

This activity is designed to explore what the characters of Wicked are thinking, feeling and doing in different scenarios, using production images as a stimulus. View Photo gallery

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Be a Wicked Friend Potions poster

Make a magical friendship potion

Inspired by the magical elixir in the story of Wicked, Learners will discuss the qualities of a postive friendship and complete the sheet.

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Be a Wicked Friend Glasses poster

Seeing the world through Emerald Glasses

Inspired by the Emerald city, Learners will design and decorate their own versions of the Emerald green glasses seen in Wicked. This activity promotes discussions on empathy and similarities and differences between people and celebrates your Learners' unique qualities to boost their self-esteem.

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Be a Wicked Friend Five things that make me unique poster

Five things that make me unique

In the stage musical Wicked, we discover how the characters Elphaba and Glinda's differences, can be their greatest strength and be the basis for connection and friendship. This activity is designed to explore and celebrate what makes your learners unique and prompt conversations about how they can learn from one another's similarities and differences.

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Lesson Plans and Assemblies

Assembly: Introducing the Wicked Friend Scheme to your School

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Upper Key Stage 2 Lesson Plan - Friendships

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Lower Key Stage 2 Lesson Plan - Friendships

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Be a Wicked Friend Challenge poster

The 'Be a Wicked Friend' Weekly Challenge

Use this home-based Learning to consolidate the classroom lessons and activities. Week by week learners will complete the booklet and reflect on the ways they have been a Wicked Friend that week. Teachers can set a theme each week, from being a friend to the community or nature or allow the learners to find their own ways. Share these in the classroom at the start of the week. Once complete, Learners will receive their Wicked Friend certificate and badge.

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